CarChip Fleet Pro

CarChip Fleet Pro is the simplest, most effective way to keep track of every move your vehicles make. It’s the little black box that plugs into your vehicle’s existing OBDII communication port, and takes notes every second of every trip.


DriveRight 600e OBD

Add our new Fleet Management Software to track and look at in your , vehicles, and offices.


CarChip Fleet Pro

Now you don’t have to worry whenever your car is out without you setting right next to the driver. With this devices, there is no way the driver could tell a lie.


DriveRight 600E VSS

Audible alarms with user-settable limits for speed, acceleration, and deceleration give instant feedback to drivers. Includes installation/mounting kit.


We have designed and are currently marketing our own Motor Vehicle Safety and Monitoring Products.

As of year 2012, we have sales partnerships in Nigeria, Bolivia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Ecuador, Singapore, USA and Philippines as well.


We have designed and are currently marketing our own Motor Vehicle Safety and Monitoring Products to meet your hi-tech vehicle safety monitoring and automatic weather station needs.

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APEXS, Inc. is the official vendor/supplier of DriveRight to the Schlumberger Group of Oilfield Service Companies and Nalco/Ecolab/Champion Technologies in Southeast Asia

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Pool of Satisfied Customers

We have installed the DriveRight Vehicle Monitoring System in their entire fleet of LPG delivery and bulk hauler tanker trucks. The fleet of 600 plus gasoline tanker trucks are candidates for our new GPS based DriveRight Model 600.

Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Co.

Early 3rd quarter of 2012 we were able to supply first 200 units of Vantage Pro2 automatic weather stations

Aboitiz Equity Ventures (Thermal Luzon Inc.)

We are in process of deploying of 1000 weather station all over the Philippines. This is part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through Weather Philippines foundation.

Weather Philippines foundation

We are the exclusive supplier to Nalco for Asia Pacific Region and providing non-stop technical support to Nalco’s Carchip Fleet Pro end-users such as Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand.


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