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This SpeedSpy product is ideal for customers seeking a cost effective easy to use "Plug and Drive" solution for Setting, Monitoring and
Enforcing the maximum allowed speeds for motor vehicles. It can be used in ALL light vehicles (cars, small trucks, SUV's and vans) manufactured since 1996. It is simply plugged into the vehicle Data Link Connector (DLC) located inside the cabin under the dashboard.

The SpeedSpy is fully self contained and does not require batteries a computer or special download process and software. Set-up is accomplished by use of 2 tactile switches and a pair of seven-segment displays. Over Speed violations and Tampering are stored in memory and directly displayed. Access to the set-up process and violations data requires entry ofthe user defined 4 digit PassCode.

When the vehicle is in motion, the EXACT same speed as the vehicle speedometer will be displayed on the SpeedSpy. If the maximum allowed speed is exceeded, a loud and annoying buzz is produced until the speed is reduced to below the maximum speed allowed. Each time this happens, the violations count is incremented and stored.

If there are any speed violations or tampering incidents, they will be indicated by the display of OS (Over Speed) and/or td (tampering detected) and a chirping sound when the vehicle is NOT in motion or the ignition is switched OFF.

In addition, when there is a violation a simulated low level "Cricket" chirping sound is produced to call attention to the violation(s) status. This continues even with the ignition turned off. It can only be extinguished by the product user entering a PassCode.

A few examples of customers are High School Drivers Education programs, concerned parents of teen drivers and fleet operators enforcing a fuel efficient (55 Mph) driving speed.